How do you scale mobility and simultaneously improve ROI in your company? Where are you on the enterprise mobility curve? Are you still in “device lock down” mode, or have you moved towards building, deploying, and ultimately securing and managing apps? Many businesses are still in the “exploration” stage of the mobile maturity model, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the future.

Included in this webinar is a discussion of best practices for how you should develop apps, as well as how to plan for rolling out apps to your users. I review examples from organizations large and small with example of ROI and payback. The key is the ROI is tied to the actual adoption of apps, which leads to a network effect that can multiple the value of one app to the next.

Finally, I talk about critical “factors for success” including self-serve, user satisfaction, IT comfort (and compliance), clear policies, and user engagement. And, as important, I share what we’ve learned from others who have been down the same path to make your own roll-out more effective!