As an IT executive, you have the opportunity to transform your company by delivering mobile apps and data to your workforce that can help increase their productivity, create a competitive advantage, or even fundamentally change how and where they get their jobs done. Aaron Burstein, Mobility Manager at Cargill, recognized this opportunity and created a mobile app strategy that can securely deliver apps to 100% of his mobile population, including internal employees and the extended enterprise. A pivotal step to accomplish this was devising an enterprise mobile app management approach that enables him to securely distribute any mobile app to any user –without requiring device enrollment or MDM—so that he can reach every single potential user.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What you can do to kick-start and build momentum for your mobile strategy
  • Why apps and app management are critical for today’s modern mobile enterprise
  • How to securely deliver critical mobile apps to 100% of users