“Apperian exceeded our expectations by providing an engagement tool that helps us mitigate the risk associated with launching a digital app to banking customers. The platform enables us to put our mobile apps through rigorous testing and get our employees both excited and up to speed at the same time….We chose Apperian because it enabled us to distribute mobile apps really simply without taking over any aspects of the device itself, this gave us a real breadth of device and OS types, providing invaluable feedback on how the app would perform in any given mobile environment.”

Kate Watson, Head of Group Digital Design, Nationwide

“Northrop Grumman is working with Apperian and their open Dynamic App Policy Engine to analyze how this innovative product may be tailored for delivery of mobile app policies in secure environments. This should allow apps to be deployed to meet specific mobile government user requirements. The kind of adaptability the Apperian product provides is important to ensure proper control and management of mobile applications in the secure enterprise.”

Mark Adams, Director of Secure Mobility, Northrop Grumman

“We didn’t want to host something on our infrastructure, but we wanted to provide a professional-looking catalog that was easy for our not-so-tech-savvy brokers to use….Creating our mobile app catalog on the Apperian platform was pretty much DIY….We had a few questions that Apperian answered immediately that streamlined the deployment process even further….This is just the beginning of our digital journey, we view Apperian as a long term partner because the company is highly responsive, is continuously evolving the Apperian interface and functionality, and will scale alongside our mobile app strategy.”

Henri Knoesen, Digital Projects Team Lead, Santam

“Apperian’s MAM platform is at the center of the success of our mobilization strategy. It’s been instrumental in providing a strong user experience and getting apps in the hands of field reps quickly, securely, and seamlessly.”

Kent Erickson, Senior Program Manager, AT&T

“Apperian is anticipating the needs of a new generation of clinicians to foster a mobile culture that is designed to improve patient outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently….The combination of Apperian’s simplicity and easy to administer security policies dovetail perfectly with the divergent needs of IT and the clinicians themselves.”

Mike Casey, Founder and CEO, FutureNova

“Apps enabled by Apperian are easier to distribute, monitor, and manage – making the entire process of creating great mobile apps better because developers can now engage with users throughout the process.”

Alan Wamser, Supervisor, Hays Medical Center

“Apperian streamlines the internal process of publishing and distributing apps, and makes it efficient for our developers. These time savings translate to freeing up developers to spend their time more efficiently and productively in product development.”

Trey Wafer, Enterprise Mobile Group Project Manager, McAfee

“Using Apperian to manage our mobile app user acceptance testing has significantly improved the quality and usability of our apps while decreasing the amount of back-and-forth between our QA team and our clients’ QA teams and their end-users….Thanks to Apperian’s unique approach, we’ve been able to more efficiently deliver apps that fit the exact needs of our clients. Most recently, we saw a significant impact when testing and distributing one of our apps, Mother’s Milk, at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, where Apperian made the process a lot easier and more effective.”

Kathy Ma, Product Manager, Rapid Consulting Services