Mobile data protection without writing a single line of code. No SDK, no coding, no problem.

Mobility has unlocked new ways of working for employees everywhere. No longer must you be in front of a computer or even have wifi to access customer accounts, give a sales presentation, submit a quote for approval or do any other work that has been enabled through a mobile app. People can now truly work anywhere, anytime.

mobile data protection

The flip side to this amazing flexibility is the potential security risks. IT security officers everywhere are confronted with this problem. Unfortunately, popular device-level solutions create a false sense of security as the simple step of placing a stolen device in airplane mode renders it permanently open to data inspection and theft. Being able to wipe a device is a reactive measure, not a proactive approach.

Another popular app-level mobile data protection involves encrypting the apps and data. Most of these solutions on the market require a special SDK, knowledge of encryption and a developer to apply new code and recompile the app. This all adds up to more costs, effort and time.

Mobile Data Protection Solution

Apperian lets you easily protect your corporate apps and data at the app-level with our suite of security and management policies your mobile administrator can apply without writing a single line of code. No SDK, no coding, no problem. Applying policies such as data encryption, copy/paste protection, corporate authentication and app-level VPN are just some of the policies that are available on an app-by-app basis. Enabling them is as easy as checking a box.


Mobile Data Protection
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Mobile Data Protection
Mobile data protection refers to the security of corporate or otherwise confidential data that, when accessed via mobile devices, poses a risk that can be mitigated with mobile application management.
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