Organizations blazing a mobile trail know that productivity gains, employee performance and process efficiencies are just some of the immediate gains realized by supporting and encouraging mobile workers. Survey after survey highlights how employees are more productive when they can work when and where they want, and even more satisfied when they can use devices of their choosing.

Mobile App Adoption

Those same organizations are also very aware that the number one impediment to securing a return on their mobile investment is user adoption. If employees can’t find and install an app that costs $20k, $50k or even $100k to build, that is lost opportunity, value and a huge waste of business expense.

With the Apperian platform customers report mobile app adoption rates exceeding 90% as compared with alternative methods.

One deployment approach is to place your custom-built apps into public app stores, but those are wide-open to anyone and not secure places for corporate apps. In addition to lack of security, they also make it really difficult for workers to find the right apps.

Another approach is to use a device management solution, but that involves implementing a full infrastructure solution and the pre-requisite to secure and manage the devices using intrusive and cumbersome technology – before ever getting to the apps. These continuously hamper adoption in general and are non-starters in BYOD settings.

Increase Mobile App Adoption, Mobile App Usage & Maximize ROI

In contrast, the Apperian approach is to provide a completely customizable and easy-to-use enterprise app store for each customer. Required and recommended apps are a breeze to find and download – with just the apps relevant by role being visible. The apps themselves are seamlessly wrapped with security and business policy so that they’re protected and managed without being awkward to use.

Deployment of a new app can be achieved in hours, not days or weeks (or even months), making it easy to drive mobile app adoption and maximize the ROI of your mobile investment.

Mobile App Adoption
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Mobile App Adoption
Mobile app adoption refers to the usage rates of a mobile app which correlates to the success and return on investment (ROI) of the app.
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