mobile app lifecycle management

Mobile App Lifecycle Management Capabilities

  • On-board – Developers who use one of our partner’s platforms for creating apps can submit a completed app directly into Apperian with a one-click wizard. Other apps may be uploaded via the web interface. All apps are analyzed for proper packaging. This will streamline the app development process, saving time and simplifying a complex process.
  • Inspect – It’s best practice to do risk management by understanding behavioral aspects of all apps before making them available for the general employee population. Apperian’s App Inspection is like a code x-ray that reports back any privacy, risky behavior and malware concerns along with remediation recommendations so you know your apps are safe before deploying them.
  • Protect – Based on corporate policies specific apps can have any number of app policies applied to them. Apperian’s growing suite of app wrapping policies are applied directly to the app so no SDK or code modifications are required. Policies include encryption, corporate authentication and location masking.
  • Sign – Specifically for iOS, app signing is an overlooked requirement in the corporate environment. Apps can be signed with the click of button without requiring assistance from developers, saving time and greatly simplifying a cumbersome process.
  • Deploy – Once an app has been inspected, protected and packaged, it’s ready for distribution. Based on role, only users who require the app will be able to see it in the enterprise app store. Single apps may also be deployed using Apperian’s Mobile App Distribution method.

To the employees, enterprise apps just become magically available. They open their enterprise app store and click ‘Install’. Done. When they run the app it invisibly creates a VPN to their corporate network. It prompts them for their corporate username and password. It disables copy/paste. They get to work while waiting to board their flight. Magic.

What end users don’t see are all the discrete steps needed to get an app on their device. Where does the app come from? A developer? An independent software vendor? Does the app comply with the corporate privacy policies? Are there malware concerns? Are there corporate security policies that need to be complied with? Does the app’s data need to be encrypted? Does the app need a VPN to connect to the corporate network? What about signing the app? Who has the signing certificate?

Apperian’s Mobile Application Management (MAM®) solution defines the steps to get from developer to device as the “full application lifecycle”. Each stage of the lifecycle is important and a necessary best practice to ensure a robust and secure deployment.


Mobile App Lifecycle Management
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Mobile App Lifecycle Management
Mobile app lifecycle management encompasses every stage of an app’s life from development to distribution, and all the steps in between including app signing, inspection and security.
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