An enterprise app store is an HTML or native iOS, Android, or Windows private app catalog for mobile workers in the extended enterprise to discover and download corporate-sanctioned and secured mobile apps. A best-of-breed enterprise app store is custom-branded, solicits feedback and ratings from users, does not require device management, and sits on top of an easy-to-use admin console that secures any app and supports the full app lifecycle.

Apperian’s Enterprise App Store

Apperian’s enterprise app store securely distributes any app to every user in the extended enterprise, including users with BYOD, contracted workers, dealer networks, agencies, part time workers, etc. It  has been widely recognized as the leading mobile application management enterprise app store that is powered by a cloud-based platform with the deepest set of security and management capabilities for governance of every stage of the app lifecycle.

Enterprise App Store

The Apperian App Store displays beautifully on any iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone or tablet, and because it’s a familiar, native app experience, users don’t need training and produces high app adoption. Apperian’s enterprise app store is also fully brandable allowing for every design element to incorporate your company’s corporate colors, logo, etc.

Apperian’s private enterprise app store includes:

  • An easy-to-create branded, native, private app store for custom-built apps, third-party apps, public apps, web clips, hybrid apps, device profiles, and email configuration profiles.
  • Previews for app screen shots, descriptions, user feedback and ratings before installing.
  • App updates over-the-air with badge alerts for users.
  • Role-assignable apps can be targeted to specific user groups.
  • Mandatory apps can force specific apps to be installed.
  • An optional connection to an enterprise authentication server provides single sign on (SSO) for users.
  • Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is supported so customers can buy and track bulk licenses for apps in the iTunes app store.