We live in an on-demand world. Everything from coffee to movies to music to mobile apps are instantly available anywhere we go. Deploying mobile apps to your organization’s employees, contractors, testers, etc. doesn’t have to be any different. Let them enjoy the benefits and rewards of being mobile faster than your competitors. Imagine being able to roll out a new app to every employee as instantly as ordering a pizza.

Scale App Deployment

Deploying mobile apps to users at scale can be done the hard way or the easy way. One way is to spend IT time and money provisioning servers and data center space, installing complicated software and dedicating precious personnel to support and managing an on-premise mobile app solution. Adding more users? Add more hardware. The easier way is the Apperian way.

Mobile App Deployment Made Easy

Apperian’s mobile app deployment solution lives in the cloud. It was built in the cloud from day one. We can securely connect with your authentication server so users log in using their corporate credentials. We scale instantly like you would expect a cloud-based solution to. Deploying to 500, 5000, 50,000 users tomorrow? No problem. Click.


Mobile App Deployment
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Mobile App Deployment
Mobile app deployment refers to the distribution of apps to end-users’ mobile devices. While many apps are deployed via the Apple or Google Play app store, custom built apps that are not meant public consumption can be distributed via a mobile app management platform.
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The Mobile App Management Company
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