Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. Best-of-breed MAM provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to every user in the extended enterprise because it is device management agnostic, manages the complete app lifecycle, and enables multiple app distribution methods, including an intuitive, custom-brandable enterprise app store.

Apperian Mobile Application Management (MAM®)


Apperian is the only way of securely reaching every user in the extended enterprise that drives adoption of any app.

Apperian’s mobile application management platform provides:

After building hundreds of custom apps for enterprise customers, we developed a platform to help our customers secure, deploy and manage their mobile apps. It was a natural progression and one that delivered the industry’s very first mobile app management (MAM®) platform, and our platform is the acknowledged leader in the space.

Blue Hill analysis of the industry revealed Apperian to be the only true stand-alone and best mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise app store solution. While other vendors may claim to provide mobile application management, our customers and industry analysts tell us there is simply no comparison. We were purpose-built to do this – from day one – and we continuously raise the bar with innovations that drive adoption and make mobile in the enterprise work.

Apperian provides the most advanced, device-agnostic platform for getting critical “apps that matter” into the hands of 100% of users who need them – whether they are using managed and unmanaged devices.

Everyday, the world’s largest and most complex IT environments put their trust in Apperian to ensure mobile apps are secured, deployed and adopted. Apperian MAM® enhances the capabilities of mobile device management and does not require a rip & replace of existing infrastructure.