Enterprise Application Distribution

Enterprises are mobile-enabling their workforces as the smartphone and tablet penetration nears 100% for most critical workers. Organizations are rapidly extending existing enterprise functions and content as well as rethinking processes through a new mobile lens. Increasingly enterprises will request custom or branded commercial apps as a way to speed their time to market while also tailoring to the organization. ISV’s able to respond will quickly gain share.

Unfortunately, no viable enterprise application distribution options have existed to help ISV’s easily deliver customized, configured, or branded versions of their apps to end customers – without imposing significant, and often insurmountable, overhead. Using public app stores forces a “one size fits all approach, and isn’t feasible for some ISV apps.” Working with “device management” infrastructure technology providers forces ISV’s to write specifically to closed platforms and forces their customers to deploy using mobile device management, or even dedicated servers or appliances. End-users often resist using these apps on these platforms because of the user-experience and cumbersome and intrusive technology required.

Apperian has changed the game for ISV’s. Our platform was purpose-built to manage mobile apps and content in the enterprise. We require neither source code modification, nor an SDK, yet enable you, the ISV, to deliver customized and branded apps for every one of your enterprise accounts. Your customers will be thrilled because they will receive the apps they want in a completely manageable way.

Learn how Apperian helps ISV’s with enterprise application distribution:

  • Customize, configure and private brand apps for customers to differentiate your software
  • Streamline your app distribution experience for easier and faster customer onboarding
  • Focus on innovating core app functionality and leverage Apperian’s best in class application management capabilities for ISVs
  • Manage enterprise signing of apps automatically and in a protected way
  • More easily deliver app updates and fixes