Join the Apperian family

Deliver a best-of-breed mobile app solution to your enterprise customers – your apps, your services and our EASE® platform combined.

The Apperian Partner Program is ideal for:

  • iOS and Android developers building native apps for business
  • Systems Integrators constructing and advising clients on cutting-edge IT solutions
  • Resellers who want to be viewed as leaders in the mobile industry

As an Apperian partner you can refer or resell our EASE platform and earn commissions for every deal you close. Take advantage of Apperian’s ability to refer or resell your products and services to our customer base – dramatically expanding your market share and powering your growth. And you can engage in joint marketing opportunities and access our growing developer community, improving your brand recognition and enterprise app development skills.

We know that partners contribute to our success (and we contribute to theirs), and we’re determined to make our partnerships about more than just business. We want to build strong and lasting relationships. We’ll provide you with the tools, technology, training, and support you need to make your business even more successful.

How can Apperian help you?

We want you to participate in our success. That, at its core, is the whole point of our Partner Program. As a partner, you’ll receive:

  • Commissions for referring or reselling Apperian products
  • Revenue from referring our reselling your products and services
  • Apperian EASE® demonstration account(s) for your business to use
  • Participation in Apperian lead generation program
  • Right to use Apperian Partner logo and leverage the Apperian brand
  • Participation in regular Apperian events and conferences
  • Excellent pre- and post-sales technical support
  • Comprehensive sales and technical training
  • Access to sales and marketing tools including presentations and collateral

How do partners make money with Apperian?

Our program allows you to take EASE to your new and existing customers, generating additional revenue for your company and giving your customers a highly professional solution for app creation, deployment and management.

  • Excellent commissions for referring and reselling EASE
  • Renewals also generate commissions

Our program also enables us to refer and resell your products and services to our customers, further driving your market exposure and revenue. We do the work, and you reap the benefits!

Does it cost anything to join the Partner Program?

For qualified solution providers there is no fee for joining the program. All we ask is that you complete our review process to ensure that you are qualified as a business to represent us. This includes the requirement to become familiar with our products, and have the ability to install and run our solution for the purposes of demonstration to your customers.

What’s required of you?

As a partner and representative of Apperian®, we expect you to act with professionalism and integrity in your work for customers, just as we do. We also believe in productive relationships: the ideal partner is as driven as we are to succeed. We therefore ask the following of our partners:

  • Operate from a professional office facility
  • Have a D&B number (DUNS number)
  • If selling iOS solutions, be a member of the Apple iOS Developer Enterprise Program
  • Commit to a joint sales and marketing plan with Apperian
  • Promote Apperian in advertising, website and printed materials
  • Comply with terms and conditions of the Apperian Partner Agreement

Who’s a good fit for the program?

Our experience shows that the best partners have at least one of these attributes:

  • You see mobile apps as a powerful driver of productivity and efficiency in the enterprise
  • You have experience in designing, creating, or managing mobile app projects
  • You are an advocate of the SaaS model and cloud computing
  • You are an expert in technology strategy and implementation
  • You provide business guidance on mobile app adoption in the enterprise

Sign Up

We’re always on the lookout for companies to join the Apperian® Partner Program!

Sign up today by sending an email directly to

Include the subject line “Partner Program Request”.

Please include the subject line “Partner Program Request”, as well as:

  • Your full contact information (name, title, corporate email address, mailing address)
  • Detailed description of your company
  • Detailed description of products or services
  • How you envision working with Apperian – we’d like to hear your take!

We’ll follow up to learn more about your company and explore ways we can work together.