Today’s MDM solutions are no longer capable of meeting the needs of the enterprise in a BYOD world. The challenges of deploying devices owned by employees are different than deploying and managing devices owned by the enterprise.

In the video below Stephen talks about the next generation of EASE supporting the new mobile application lifecycle management architecture.

Apperian supports the complete Mobile App Management (MAM) lifecycle with this next generation of EASE. The new platform interconnects backend modules with front end user interfaces, such as the EASE Admin portal. Modules may contain a number of services and capabilities provided by Apperian or 3rd party partners. All of this is seamless and automatic for administrators and users. This creates a highly scalable and customizable platform for each mobile enterprise’s need.

Read the full press release: Apperian Rolls Out New Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Architecture

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  • Ricanzur

    nice idea. this is a great application. thanks for this.

  • Jim

    crappy stuff targeted to sales representatives…from a technical point of view totally useless and plain marketing…