Mobile App Management White Papers

  • The Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management for Dealer Networks

    Enabling your dealers with mobile apps and access to content can deliver enormous business benefits ranging from improving end-customers’ experience with your brand, driving higher levels of revenue, and improving dealer and sales productivity. There is a growing list of impressive mobile apps that can supply dealers up-to-the-minute product information, provide “side-by-side selling” and product […]

  • IQT Quarterly: How to Secure, Deploy, and Manage Mobile Apps in Highly Secure Settings

      This article, originally run in In-Q-Tel’s “IQT Quarterly Summer 2015” publication, highlights the benefits of app-centric security and management to make mobile apps safer to deploy to users in settings where app and data security is critical. As mobile apps continue to proliferate, organizations must deal with an environment where mobile apps are coming […]

  • On the Radar: Apperian MAM

    There is a massive opportunity for enterprises to develop, onboard, distribute, and securely manage employee-facing mobile apps of all kinds throughout the workforce, to support and secure associated corporate data, and to manage the full lifecycle of each app. There are also many challenges in making these things possible. In this report, Ovum Research outlines […]

  • 2015 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

    The 2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey asked over 300 mobile professionals what their top enterprise mobility challenges are, their plans for equipping employees with mobile apps, and how they are driving value with mobility. Apperian and CITO Research break down the results and discuss what the most successful mobile companies are investing in. In this report […]

  • Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management

    Organizations of all sizes are recognizing vast opportunities to use enterprise mobile apps to foster collaboration across work teams and drive new levels of productivity. However, many IT administrators, developers, and organizational leaders are struggling to find the most effective way to securely deploy and manage mobile apps while stimulating user adoption. This guide is […]

  • Mobile App Testing: 4 Critical Steps Every Testing Plan Needs

    Research has found that 77% of mobile users are concerned about app performance, and over 50% of developers don’t properly test their apps to the real-world prior to releasing them. This is startling, considering high quality apps can increase your company’s brand and drive revenue. Download this whitepaper to learn: Why proper mobile app testing […]

  • Bring Your Own Device: From Security to Success

    With 95% of organizations now permitting employee-owned devices in the workplace, the days of IT issuing corporate-owned devices are becoming very rare. The benefits of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy have been established, meaning BYOD is no longer a trend. Rather, it is here to stay. In order for your company to […]

  • Use the Mobile App Mix to Choose an Enterprise App Store Strategy

    Download this new Gartner research report to learn: Recommendations on how to choose an enterprise app store strategy The key challenges enterprises face when deciding on an enterprise app store Why mobile application management (MAM®) platforms are a strong solution to distribute public and custom apps to both restricted and unrestricted enterprise users

  • Enterprise App Adoption e-Guide

    Download Apperian’s latest eGuide to get the maximum value from your enterprise mobile app investments. In this practical eBook you will receive: Useful tips on how to drive adoption of your mobile apps The Mobile Application Adoption and Internal Marketing tool kit with ready to use templates End-user perspectives and best-practices from enterprise mobile app […]

  • 2014 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

    The Executive Mobility Survey revealed the factors that are driving enterprise mobility programs, the benefits organizations are expecting, what metrics are available, and the strategies companies are using to drive mobile adoption. In this e-Book outlining the survey results, you will learn how you stack to your peers and recommendations on how to use mobility […]