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Promoting Customer Engagement through Mobile Applications

Promoting Customer Engagement through Mobile Applications

+-*With tablet sales outpacing PC sales and mobile searches eclipsing desktop queries for the first time, we are quickly becoming a mobile-first society. For companies looking to stay relevant in the digital age, promoting customer engagement using mobile technology needs to shift to the top of the priority list. Adopting a mobile-first focus with customers […]

So You’ve Launched an Enterprise App – Now What?

+-*Best Practices for Using Data to Support App Deployment and User Adoption Businesses are launching more enterprise apps than ever before. In fact, nearly half of enterprises have already deployed between one and ten mobile apps to their employees according to a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan. However, what many enterprises don’t realize is that app deployment […]

Healthcare Mobility: Better Mobile and Patient Outcomes with Mobile Application Management and Mobile Application Performance Management

Healthcare Mobility: How Apperian and Aternity Work Together for Better Outcomes

+-*This post was written in collaboration with Mike Marks (@MikeIMarks), Chief Product Evangelist at Aternity Inc. The healthcare industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation and healthcare mobility and interconnected systems are at the heart of it. Consumers and healthcare providers are relying on mobile apps like never before, raising the importance of Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile […]

On the Radar: Apperian MAM

+-*There is a massive opportunity for enterprises to develop, onboard, distribute, and securely manage employee-facing mobile apps of all kinds throughout the workforce, to support and secure associated corporate data, and to manage the full lifecycle of each app. There are also many challenges in making these things possible. In this report, Ovum Research outlines […]

Enterprise App Stores: Building and Populating the Apps that Matter Most

Enterprise App Stores: Building and Populating the Apps that Matter Most

+-*When it comes to mobile apps, a growing number of organizations are leaning towards a building instead of buying apps, especially when there are custom capabilities that are needed by different parts of the enterprise. For instance, according to a CompTIA study, 70% of companies have made some level of investment to build mobility solutions. Meanwhile, […]

Spotlight Video: Mobile App Management Takes Center Stage in the Enterprise

+-*IT leaders are realizing that the real transformative value of mobility comes from enabling your employees with mobile apps and content. Tapping into this full potential and achieving the highest rates of return requires the secure delivery of apps to 100% of the target audience. With user demand for apps increasing and usage models broadening […]

2015 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

+-*The 2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey asked over 300 mobile professionals what their top enterprise mobility challenges are, their plans for equipping employees with mobile apps, and how they are driving value with mobility. Apperian and CITO Research break down the results and discuss what the most successful mobile companies are investing in. In this report […]

No Enterprise Mobile Apps Yet? No Problem! Start With Hybrid Apps

+-*If your organization is not ready to develop or purchase enterprise mobile apps, a good starting point for providing mobile apps to your employees is the use of hybrid apps. For the uninitiated, hybrid mobile apps are built using a combination of technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript that are hosted inside a native application which […]

On-Demand Webinar: Mobile App Management Drives Next Wave of Enterprise Mobility

+-*Delivering mobile apps to 100% of their mobile workforce is how businesses are gaining a competitive advantage and achieving the highest return on their mobile investment. But with the evolving complexity of device environments, security concerns, and diverse user demands, it’s important to determine the best way to manage enterprise mobile apps. In this webinar, […]

National Retailer Mobile Strategy

+-*Download this case study to learn how the User Experience team of a national retailer was able to securely manage the user testing phase of a new mobile app the company was heavily investing in for its gold star customers. The outcome? A distribution solution that satisfies the company’s concerns (i.e., security, ease of administration, […]