What is EASE?

Enterprise App Services Environment

Apperian supports the complete Mobile Application Management (MAM) lifecycle with our EASE Platform – putting the users ahead of the device; the man before the machine. The platform interconnects backend modules with front end user interfaces…

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App Bus

Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Architecture

The back-end services required to support the App Lifecycle. For simplicity, the various capabilities are organized in “slots”, roughly grouped by purpose for ease of describing the platform’s capabilities. Some of these capabilities are provided by Apperian while others are provided by partners; but it’s Apperian’s “glue” that pulls it all together in a coherent management framework. Read more.

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Branding & Customization

Deploy A Custom App Catalog For Your Organization

The EASE catalog is a simple-to-use app designed for users to find and install their corporate mobile apps. The catalog can be branded with your company’s colors and logo. Both personal and corporate apps can live on the same device with no special software required to give IT access to manage just the work apps.

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App Ratings & Crowdsourcing

Listen To Your Users, They Have Great Ideas

Users can be an active part of their mobile ecosystem by providing feedback through App ratings and comments in the EASE App Catalog. Crowdsourcing creates an ideation path for users to propose improvements to existing apps or ideas for new apps. By making the process fun and easy, employees are encouraged to proactively get involved, significantly improving the adoption of new and existing applications.

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App & Device Security

Secure BYOD, Company-Owned And Public Area Devices

Rather than having to wipe an entire device if it is lost or stolen or if a worker leaves the company, admins can remotely remove just the corporate apps, leaving all personal apps and data untouched. Devices can be inventoried, locked and even wiped in extreme cases. Single sign-on (SSO) provides a better user experience across multiple corporate apps with corporate directory authentication.

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1 Click Updates & Notifications

Over The Air App Delivery & Push Notifications For App Catalog

EASE hides the logistics of getting new Apps and updates published into the catalog with over the air application delivery and push notifications for the app catalog. The EASE platform will automatically manage app versioning and alert users to new updates. New updates may also be forced to ensure all users have the latest version of an app.

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Email Provisioning

Developers LOVE Us

Email provisioning is the onboarding of new employees or devices to have corporate email automatically configured and setup on a device. De-provisioning is the act of removing a user’s email. Through the admin console, an IT administrator can provision or remove a corporate email account and all temporary data either for a specific device or for all devices for a user.

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