Case Studies

  • National Retailer Mobile Strategy

    Download this case study to learn how the User Experience team of a national retailer was able to securely manage the user testing phase of a new mobile app the company was heavily investing in for its gold star customers. The outcome? A distribution solution that satisfies the company’s concerns (i.e., security, ease of administration, […]

  • Georgia Southern University Mobile Strategy

    Download this case study to learn how Georgia Southern University securely condensed their 67 mobile apps into a single, university-branded private app store. Using mobile app management to securely deliver apps to users based on their roles and devices, GSU is now able to drive students and faculty to a central location for finding and […]

  • Office Move Inspires Mobile Strategy

    Download this case study to learn how an office move inspired this organization’s mobile strategy. They started out with a single app to help their employees navigate a new building, which spring-boarded them with a lot of excitement and ideas on how to use mobile within their organization. Benefits achieved: Enterprise app was designed, developed, […]

  • Private University Mobile Strategy

    Download this case study to learn how a private university among the world’s leading centers for discover and learning uses Apperian’s mobile application management platform for their mobile strategy. The university chose an app-centric approach over the legacy, device-centric enterprise mobility management approaches in order to meet the needs of the university’s diverse, dispersed employee […]

  • McAfee App Development Optimization

    Download this case study to learn how McAfee, now a part of Intel Security, is streamlining their internal process of publishing and distributing apps for beta testing without facing complicated provisioning processes for iOS apps. Prior to implementing Apperian’s mobile application management platform McAfee’s engineers had to deal with a cumbersome, manual process for validating […]

  • Executive Recruiting Firm Looks to Apperian for Secure Deployment of Leadership Development Mobile Apps

    Download this case study to learn why one of the world’s largest executive recruiting firm looks to Apperian for secure deployment of their leadership development mobile apps. Apperian helped to implement a mobile strategy that provided them with mobile app testing, app adoption, and app security. Benefits achieved: Overcame public app store limitations with a […]

  • Financial services company uses Apperian to deploy and fully manage highly-confidential mobile data and apps with secure peace of mind

    Download this case study to learn how Apperian provides a financial services company the flexibility to deploy and fully manage mobile apps to their internal and external sales force while providing the peace of mind of knowing their corporate data is completely secure. Benefits include: Mobile application usage has skyrocketed from 15% to 75% Security […]

  • Visual Computing Company Uses Apperian to Manage Mobile Apps for Android in a BYOD & Corporate Issued Environment

    Download this case study to learn how Apperian helps a popular visual computing company to easily manage and distribute mobile apps on Android devices seamlessly in a BYOD & corporate issued environment. Benefits include: Publish company-standard mobile apps in a central location Deploy internally-developed mobile apps company-wide in one app store Allow different business groups […]

  • Nationwide: Leading Mutual Insurance Company Uses Apperian to Launch Popular Mobile Banking App

    Download this case study to learn how Apperian helped Nationwide with mobile app testing for their banking app before releasing to the general public. Benefits include: Easy version management Secure access control to administer user rollout Employee feedback easily collected and categorized Mitigated risk associated with deploying mobile app to million plus customers

  • Smile: Leading Provider of Managed Business Services Uses Apperian to Maximize Productivity for Field Reps

    Download this case study to learn how Apperian helped mobilize Smile Inc.’s salesforce without having to rely on IT administration. Benefits include: Easy to update apps and timely distribution of pricing/promotion information Zero IT touch Marketing director is completely self-sufficient Sales managers can readily see which reps have not accessed newest apps/info