Mobile Expert Interview with Ionic Framework’s Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley

Olivia Holmes

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Olivia is the an editor of "The MAM Blog," producer of the "Life in the Mobile Enterprise" podcast, and marketing programs manager at Apperian.

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This week on the Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME) podcast, I interview co-founder, Ben Sperry, and lead developer, Adam Bradley, of the Ionic Framework, an open-source mobile framework. Ionic had enabled web developers to build over 2 million high quality mobile apps with the web technologies they are familiar with – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Tune in to hear straight from the source, why they decided to build the Ionic Framework, what makes it unique, and what’s in store for Ionic looking ahead. Then, we’ll dive into how to design and develop a killer app — to get their expert opinions on what the “make or break” qualities of a successful app are, along with the importance and core components of great user experience.

Podcast Outline:

  • Intro to Ionic – how and why the framework was build
  • How to Build a Killer Mobile App (25 min mark) – “make or break” qualities of a successful app
  • Mobile App User Experience (35 min mark) – when to think about it and the core components


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