Apperian Response – ‘The Hidden Danger To Companies With BYOD’

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Tyler Stone, Partner Manager at Apperian, talks about the hidden dangers of BYOD with a video response to the article “The Hidden Danger To Companies With BYOD” by James Kendrick, published on ‘ZDNet’ on 12/17/2012.

  • The phrase Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is gaining a lot of
    importance day by day and is being an integral part of businesses all over.
    However, the development of BYOD has given rise to a number of difficulties
    regarding the use of corporate data. A business needs to be aware of their
    employees’ habits regarding their usage of their devices at work. They need to
    be cognizant of all potential security risks before they completely embrace a
    BYOD trend in their system. However, most of the times it is the responsibility
    of IT people to look into these kind of
    problems created by BYOD. Hence, there is a definite need for companies to have
    clear policies considering BYOD so that corporate data is not at risk.