So You’ve Launched an Enterprise App – Now What?


Best Practices for Using Data to Support App Deployment and User Adoption Businesses are launching more enterprise apps than ever before. In fact, nearly half of enterprises have already deployed between one and ten mobile apps to their employees according to a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan. However, what many enterprises don’t realize is that app deployment […]

Agile Gotcha: The 3 Ways to Achieve 10-Minute Stand Ups


One of the key components in the scrum agile software development methodology is a daily stand-up meeting where each team member answers three questions: What did I work on yesterday? What am I working on today? Are there any impediments to my progress? A stand-up is supposed to start on time, whether everyone is present […]

Healthcare Mobility: Better Mobile and Patient Outcomes with Mobile Application Management and Mobile Application Performance Management

healthcare mobility

The healthcare industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation and healthcare mobility and interconnected systems are at the heart of it. Consumers and healthcare providers are relying on mobile apps like never before, raising the importance of Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Application Performance Management (Mobile APM) in enabling successful outcomes. According to Deloitte, health […]

Enterprise App Stores: Building and Populating the Apps that Matter Most

enterprise apps that matter most

When it comes to mobile apps, a growing number of organizations are leaning towards a building instead of buying apps, especially when there are custom capabilities that are needed by different parts of the enterprise. For instance, according to a CompTIA study, 70% of companies have made some level of investment to build mobility solutions. Meanwhile, […]

No Enterprise Mobile Apps Yet? No Problem! Start With Hybrid Apps

hybrid web mobile apps

If your organization is not ready to develop or purchase enterprise mobile apps, a good starting point for providing mobile apps to your employees is the use of hybrid apps. For the uninitiated, hybrid mobile apps are built using a combination of technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript that are hosted inside a native application which […]

Distributing Windows Mobile Apps

distributing windows mobile apps

Although Microsoft is selling more Lumia smartphones than Nokia did before Microsoft acquired the Nokia devices in April 2014, it’s still a distant third in the worldwide smartphone market. According to IDC, Android continues to dominate the global market with a whopping 76.6% share in the fourth quarter of 2014, followed by iOS with 19.7% […]

Progressive Mobile Mentality

mobile mentality

One of the common themes I’m seeing with clients and prospects that we’ve been meeting with is that top performing enterprises and public sector accounts are developing, or already have, a progressive mobile mentality. What do I mean by “progressive mobile mentality” and what are the steps that companies need to take to have one? First, it […]