Leaders in Enterprise Mobility

Every industry has its leaders and visionaries, and in enterprise mobility, we know many of them personally. We initiated this page to highlight their contributions and give you an opportunity to learn about and connect with some of the most forward-thinking people who are shaping our world.

  • Matt Musgrove

    VP Tech Partner for Mobile Technology in Global Finance Technology & Solutions, Barclays LinkedIn

    Matt Musgrove is a pro-active Tech Partner for Mobile who works to identify and deliver strategic solutions. His objective is to continue innovating by delivering award winning apps which provide a rich user experience to colleagues.

  • Bob Egan

    Analyst, Sepharim Group Twitter / LinkedIn

    Bob Egan, Analyst at Sepharim Group, discusses top trends in enterprise mobility.

    [M]ore bandwidth, the shift to cloud computing, and the shift to social networking collaborating are three really big trends that all organizations need to be mindful of.

  • Chris Hazelton

    Analyst, 451 Research Twitter / LinkedIn

    Chris Hazelton, Analyst at 451 Research, discusses mobile first.

    So we see with the market moving to mobile first, the market is moving away from reactive mobile IT to a more strategic use of mobility.

  • AT&T

    Twitter / LinkedIn

    Kent Erickson, Sr. Program Manager at AT&T, uses mobile devices and apps to help AT&T significantly increase the effectiveness of their sales team and field workforce.

  • Eric Klein

    Analyst, VDC Research Twitter / LinkedIn

    Eric Klein, Analyst at VDC Research, on the blurring of mobile and desktop computing.

    I envision a time when you…walk into your workplace and…sit down at your desk, and…what you were carrying in your pocket just merges right onto your screen.

  • Michael Skok

    Partner, Northbridge Venture Partners Twitter / LinkedIn

    Michael Skok on the post-PC era, navigating multiple enterprise mobility vendors, and who he thinks will win.

    And the era of mobility is upon us, because we can have computing in any form in the future, in many different ways that we’ll interact with it in a much more natural way…

  • Santam

    Twitter / LinkedIn

    Leading South African insurance company Santam built a scalable mobile strategy in less than a week without any device control.

  • Andrew Borg

    Principal, eC3 Consulting Twitter / LinkedIn

    Andrew Borg, Principal of eC3 Consulting, on the Social Mobile Cloud (SoMoClo).

    Mobile social cloud is the construct that is essential in 2014 and moving forward.

  • Jack Gold

    President, J. Gold Associates Twitter / LinkedIn

    Jack Gold, President of J. Gold Associates, on the enterprise of things.

    Today, computing comes to us rather than us having to go to computing. That’s what makes mobility so exciting.

  • Cisco

    Twitter / LinkedIn

    Cisco rapidly developed a custom-branded app store known as the “AppFridge” to facilitate a centralized approach to enterprise app management and distribution.

  • Adam Bookman

    Co-Founder, Propelics Twitter / LinkedIn

    Adam Bookman, co-founder of Propelics, on business and IT innovation with mobile applications.

    …to use mobile to reach your overall company’s goals faster, and to really move needles with mobile in ways that were never possible in the past.

  • Chuck Goldman

    Founder, Apperian Twitter / LinkedIn

    Chuck Goldman on Bring Your Own App (BYOA).

    [Productivity apps] are going to make their way into the enterprise in a BYOA type of scenario, where enterprises can take the personal apps that people bring in, connect them easily and securely to enterprise data…

  • Maxim Integrated

    Twitter / LinkedIn

    Robert Lacis, Director of Sales Operations, developed a mobile strategy that incorporates the highest level of security while advancing a field sales team of a $2.4 billion organization.

  • Matt Gross

    Principal, Mobile First Software LinkedIn

    Matt Gross discusses the potential of mobile disruption.

    So all of these different devices that kind of know you and work with you and are connected to things in the cloud –- that’s a really fascinating trend.

  • Steve Diorio

    Partner, Profitable Channels Twitter / LinkedIn

    Steve Diorio, Partner at Profitable Channels, discusses the benefits of mobile sales enablement.

    Probably the greatest potential of mobile devices to transform sales is their ability to completely redefine the sales experience by making things simpler.

  • Dan Woods

    CTO & Editor, CITO Research Twitter / LinkedIn

    Dan Woods, CTO & Editor of CITO Research, on experimenting to understand mobility.

    The biggest challenge in mobility is to really address it with the proper amount of humility.

  • NetApp

    Twitter / LinkedIn

    Abhijeet Solanki, Senior Architect at NetApp, uses an enterprise app store to get their enterprise apps that matter to internal employees as well as external contractors and partners.