Enterprise App Developers

Enterprise Application Development

Mobile is red-hot. There is a lot of demand to get cool, helpful apps in the hands of workers. You’ve got a huge opportunity to transform how your colleagues get their work done, and learning to apply new languages and technologies, such as Objective-C and Java, is always fun. But as the person chartered with enterprise application development for your company, you know that getting them built is just half of the challenge.

Traditional processes for getting applications distributed in the company just don’t work for mobile. With end-users expecting things to go as smoothly as they do in consumer app stores, they can get turned off pretty quickly when accessing enterprise apps doesn’t work that way. Building the best app in the world is pointless if it’s not used.

This is where Apperian helps you with enterprise application development. You focus on creating killer apps. We’ll help get them distributed in a structured and easily manageable way – at scale. We organize and distribute your apps in a familiar, consumer-like and company-branded app store. Behind that is the industry’s leading app management platform that handles everything you need to manage the complete lifecycle of the app. We’ll handle app onboarding, signing, inspection, security and policy wrapping, app updates, app delete, usage metrics, and more. No source code modification, no containers, no SDK’s, and no device management required. Just a purpose-built app management platform built by app developers for app developers.

End-users will love you for using us. And we know you will too.

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