Use Cases
Apperian’s Solution

It has become mission-critical to securely deploy mobile apps and information to a distributed and diverse group of personnel and contractors. Intelligence agents in the field, emergency personnel, first responders, local law enforcement, government contractors, members of the military, and office personnel would all be more effective, efficient, and collaborative with mobile information at their fingertips — whether it’s on a device you’ve issued or their own.

Mobile App SecurityA system of record for app governance that secures this new endpoint must provide:

  • App-level security, regardless of existing device security framework, to protect sensitive information even if device-level security is compromised
  • Secure network and data access for bring your own device (BYOD) and government-issued smartphones or tablets
  • Integration with enterprise identity systems, including derived credentials, to restrict access only to authorized people


  • Secure App Space – issue off-the-shelf Android tablets enhanced with app and device security capabilities
  • Endpoint Management – secure the ultimate endpoint — your apps & data — even if device-level security is compromised
  • Extended Enterprise – supply critical information to pilots, ship and submarine personnel, or contractors, even if their mobile devices are beyond the direct purview of your agency’s IT
  • BYOD – deploy secured apps to personal devices, whether direct employees or contractors
  • Derived Credentials – solve the PIV & CAC requirement security challenge at the app level

Use Cases

Civilian Law Enforcement

An agency with more than 65,000 personnel throughout the United States required a secure solution for distributing work apps to the personal devices of agents. Mobile device management (MDM) was not feasible for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), so the agency opted to use Apperian Mobile Application Management (MAM®) for secure app distribution and management. Now, agents can use their own phone while on the job, commuting, or at home to read corporate news and file e-forms at their convenience. Additionally, the agency developed an app for monitoring and cataloging items that are confiscated while on the job. Agent productivity and efficiency will increase without compromising security for sensitive agency information.


Defense organizations in the United States and Europe recognize the new tactical edge for missions is the mobile environment. The drive to mobile requires the need to provide personnel in the field access to critical information. Whether it’s deployment info, real-time intelligence, or training materials, this highly sensitive classified information requires the highest standards of mobile security. Defense personnel can be provisioned with off-the-shelf Android devices enabled with Secusmart card readers and Apperian Mobile Application Management (MAM®). Each device is protected at both the device and app level, so access to classified information is protected. The devices work in all network environments, Disconnected, Intermittent, Latent or Full connection (DILF), allowing for customized updates to applications and tailored management of security policies. Individuals can also access and use personal apps on these devices, such as Facebook or WhatsApp to stay in touch with loved ones back home, without compromising the integrity of the security measures wrapped around their classified apps.

Apperian’s Public Sector Solution

When agencies need to implement app-level security and governance or securely enable personnel with unmanaged devices, they turn to Apperian. A recent Blue Hill analysis of the industry revealed Apperian to be the best mobile application management (MAM®) and enterprise app store. Apperian has also achieved the authority to operate (ATO) from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and received preliminary security certification from the German government (BSI).

Apperian MAM® provides fine-grained, app-level security and management for enterprise mobile apps, and each app is securely deployed without requiring device enrollment, and without requiring code modification or use of an SDK. Mobile app security capabilities, such as an app controlled VPN, data encryption, and data wipe, protect data even if device-level security is bypassed. This means you can safely deploy sensitive apps and information to any device – whether it’s managed or not. Additionally, Apperian provides a workflow for managing apps throughout their entire lifecycle, from onboarding to deployment to retiring.

If a mobile device management solution is already in place, Apperian can work alongside it, no need to rip and replace. While mobile device management is architected at the device level, Apperian mobile application management is architected at the app-level and does not require additional infrastructure.