Many exciting and innovative solutions using mobile devices and tablets can be found in kiosks and point-of-sale apps. Capitalizing on the trend of self-service, these solutions allow users to learn, transact and interact through apps on dedicated and shared mobile devices, often locked down in tamper-proof stands. In the retail space, new “virtual assistants” help customers understand and choose products. In many popular gourmet food trucks, orders are taken on mobile apps and credit cards are swiped on the spot. The challenge is securing and managing these remote apps when there is no “owner” to help maintain them.


  • Point-of-sale transaction systems
  • Retail product recommendations and tours
  • Tourist and visitor informational kiosks
  • Restaurant menus and ordering system


App distribution to Kiosk devices
If your solution requires MDM on devices, Apperian works seamlessly with all vendors as the system of record for managing mobile apps and managing all aspects of the application lifecycle. Updates to the apps are updated on the device instantaneously “over-the-air”.

“No SDK” mobile app security
Apperian wraps apps to protect sensitive data without touching code or using SDK’s; data is secured invisibly. Ensure apps and data are protected with built-in encryption, app-level VPN, required passphrase policies, and more.

Enterprise-grade cloud architecture
Apperian’s solution is 100% architected to run in the public or private cloud.  With global redundancy and multiple service providers, we offer no single point of failure, and can scale to hundreds of thousands of users instantly.