We’re entering a new world of sales and field enablement. Reps armed with the newest generation of mobile sales apps on slim devices such as tablets and smartphones travel without the bulk of a laptop that just yesterday were the standard of portability. These new tools slice the sales cycle by providing the field sales rep with all the latest marketing materials, product configurators, live inventory reports, digital contracts and even allow the customer to sign documents on the spot.

Mobility puts the rep side-by-side with the customer instead of across the table from them.

Apperian will get those marketing and sales apps into the hands of all your reps, 3rd party agents, and even sales teams at dealers and franchises. With your very own branded enterprise app store these road warriors will be able to easily install all the apps that matter to them to get their job done regardless if the device they use is their own (BYOD) or provided for them.

Use Cases for Mobile Sales Apps

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product catalogs, presentations and demos
  • Event management and lead tracking
  • Proposal and contract management
  • Project & task management


App distribution to managed and unmanaged devices
As the industry’s leading mobile application management platform, Apperian works seamlessly with EMM/MDM locked devices as well as devices for BYOD, contracted users, agents, part-time workers, essentially any unmanaged devices where EMM/MDM cannot be installed.

No coding mobile application management
Apperian wraps apps to protect sensitive data without touching the code or requiring SDK’s. Ensure apps and data are protected with built-in enterprise SSO, data encryption, app-level VPN, app expiration, and more.

Secure, role-based content portal
Powerful document management empowers tablet users to directly edit, mark-up and organize nearly any form of content including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s videos, news feeds and more.

Your Cloud or Ours
Apperian’s solution is 100% architected to run in the cloud — ours or yours.  With global redundancy and multiple service providers, we offer no single point of failure, and can scale to hundreds of thousands of users instantly.