Like other aspects of a modern business, HR is increasingly going mobile to provide workers more flexibility and to maintain a competitive edge. A suite of mobile HR apps provides an always-on, always-available repository to company policies, benefits and employee programs such as employee feedback and MBO systems. All employees, regardless of their role or title in an organization, can benefit from this accessibility using their own smartphone or tablet. Anywhere, anytime access to HR means higher participation rates and engagement in beneficial HR programs.

USE CASES: Human Resources Apps

  • Time card management
  • HR policies and benefits
  • Social recruiting
  • Talent management and performance reviews
  • Job and diversity training


App distribution to MDM and non-MDM devices
If your solution requires MDM on devices, Apperian works seamlessly with all vendors as the system of record for managing mobile apps and managing all aspects of the application lifecycle. Updates to the apps are updated on the device instantaneously “over-the-air”.

“No SDK” mobile app security
Apperian wraps apps to protect sensitive data without touching code or using SDK’s; data is secured invisibly. Ensure apps and data are protected with built-in encryption, app-level VPN, required passphrase policies, and more.

Mobile Identity Bridge
Apperian dynamically authenticates users directly through your identity server (SSO) for system access and app distribution based on user’s role.

Secure, role-based content portal
Powerful document management empowers tablet users to directly edit, mark-up and organize nearly any form of content including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s videos, news feeds and more.

Enterprise-grade cloud architecture
Apperian’s solution is 100% architected to run in the public or private cloud.  With global redundancy and multiple service providers, we offer no single point of failure, and can scale to hundreds of thousands of users instantly.