Launch Your University App Store

Delivering mobile resources to your students and faculty is becoming increasingly important to stay competitive and attract top talent. Today’s students are digital natives expecting a mobile experience to complement their university studies. And it’s not just students; your faculty and staff are also expecting additional mobile tools to teach and work. Mobile resources in university labs, hospitals or operating rooms will expand the boundaries of research. In order to provide students, staff, researchers, and faculty with a world-class experience, and further push the frontiers of research, forward thinking universities and institutions of higher education are delivering mobile experiences via private university app stores.

Universities with a progressive mobile mentality are distributing mobile-friendly websites, assets, content, or apps. In fact, students and faculty might already be building their own mobile resources, so you need a centralized platform for collaboration while streamlining governance and compliance.


  • Student productivity and satisfaction
  • Faculty research and productivity
  • University staff productivity
  • Research advances


Private, branded app store Apperian’s enterprise app store is fully brandable to incorporate every design element of your university’s colors, seal, etc.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Easily distribute your mobile-friendly websites as a native app through your university app store to help students and faculty find and use university resources on their mobile devices.

App distribution to unmanaged devices As the industry’s leading mobile application management platform, Apperian works seamlessly with EMM/MDM locked devices as well as devices for BYOD, contracted users, agents, part-time workers, essentially any unmanaged devices where EMM/MDM cannot be installed.

Mobile Identity Management Apperian dynamically authenticates users directly through your identity server (SSO) for system access and app distribution based on a user’s role.

University-grade cloud architecture Apperian’s solution is 100% architected to run in the public or private cloud. With global redundancy and multiple service providers, we offer no single point of failure and can scale to hundreds of thousands of users instantly.

Higher Ed Mobility Professional Meetup

Higher Education Enterprise Mobility Meetup Tufts University explained that 90% of students access university resources via a mobile device, clearly justifying the need for mobility within higher ed. With attendance from some of the top higher education institutions in the Boston, area including Brandeis, Harvard, Simmons and Boston University, the Higher Ed Mobility Professional Meetup resulted in a lively discussion. Lead by Emory University’s Stephen Wheat, Tufts University’s Tom Klejna and Bill Sivret many insightful topics were brought up.

  • MDM is now the exception
  • Get end user feedback before fully pursuing the app
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a university app store
  • View students as collaborators and customers
  • Biggest challenges of mobility

Click here to read the full recap of Apperian’s Higher Ed Mobility Professional Meetup held in Boston on March 11, 2015.