You need to provide your dealers with your company’s mobile apps to deliver the latest product information, sales tools, or even help dealers identify the ideal product configurations for customers and capture orders in real-time. Getting this information to your dealers quickly is critical as side-by-side selling becomes the industry standard.

These valuable and transformative mobile apps and content are meant for your dealers, not the public, so it’s important that you find a way to securely distribute them to just the dealers who need them. Public app stores, such as iTunes and Google Play, were just not built for enterprise requirements.

You might be tempted to build your own internal portal to distribute apps, but as the automotive manufacturer in the success story below learned, a portal is cumbersome to rollout and maintain. Their dealers weren’t downloading and using the apps to drive the revenue needed to prove ROI.

Traditional mobility management approaches, such as EMM or MDM, cannot handle dealer networks because they require that dealer mobile devices are “under management” by your IT organization. If the devices your dealers use are already under management by another EMM or MDM, you will not be able to reach them because only one management profile can be installed per device. The use of device management also raises privacy concerns and is cumbersome for users. App adoption suffers because the experience is intrusive and not intuitive for your busy dealers.

In contrast to all of the above, Apperian’s stand-alone mobile application management (MAM®) applies security around just your mobile apps and content – no device management required – and distributes your apps via your own branded, private, enterprise app store to any dealer, anywhere.

Dealer Network Success Stories

Dealer Networks Automotive
A global car manufacturer had struggled to provide salespeople and service employees with mobile apps. First, they tried to distribute apps with their traditional enterprise mobility management system, which required that all devices be enrolled in the corporate device management system – even though the users were not employees. Then they tried to build and maintain an internal app store. Both approaches failed because they were cumbersome to rollout, intrusive to non-employee end-users, and app adoption languished. With Apperian’s best of breed and stand-alone mobile application management solution, every sales and service person throughout dealer networks nationwide were able to delight customers with their fast, easy, side-by-side support using the manufacturer’s suite of mobile apps. Salespeople are out on the floor standing alongside customers, rather than behind a PC at a desk, to hand new car buyers their keys faster than ever.

MAM for Leasing Dealers
A global provider of leasing, business and consumer finance solutions needed to distribute a custom mobile leasing app to thousands of third-party partner dealers. They too needed to deploy valuable, yet confidential, mobile apps and content to users throughout their dealer networks. Those users were not employees and their devices were not under management by the leasing company’s IT organization. Using Apperian’s MAM, they were able to distribute the app to unmanaged devices via a custom-branded enterprise app store. Partner dealers intuitively found and used the app, executing more customer leases with the leasing company over the competition. The leasing company realized more revenue and achieved ROI faster.

App Security for Every Dealer

Apperian’s stand-alone MAM solutions make mobile apps available via an enterprise app store that any user in your dealer network with permission can access. Not only can you control permissions, you can also segment users into groups so that they only see the apps that are relevant to them.

  • Device enrollment not required
  • Works alongside existing EMM and MDM solutions — no need to rip & replace
  • App security and governance that governments trust
  • Easily manage and update any app
  • No SDKs or code modifications required
  • Automate the headache of app signing
  • Branded, private enterprise app store

When those apps are on your dealers’ mobile devices, you can rest-assured your corporate data is secure. Via app wrapping, MAM applies fine-grained policies at the individual app level. Each app is encapsulated in a virtual “container” that holds a set of security policies. This creates a management domain at the app level that can be extended to any device — even devices in your dealer network.