Contracted workers may not be direct employees of your company, yet they also need up-to-date corporate information to be the most effective. Distributing your product brochures, order forms, custom utility apps, inventory or additional valuable information via apps helps you unlock more productivity and more sales from your contractors. Since these apps and content are for your contracted workers, not the public, it’s important you find a way to securely distribute them to just the people who need them — public app stores are no place for your internal business apps. Traditional mobility management approaches cannot handle contracted workers because they require that devices are “under management” by your IT organization. In contrast, stand-alone mobile application management (MAM®) applies security around just your mobile apps and content and can deliver them safely to any contractor, anywhere — without requiring device management.


Healthcare Contracted Workers
A Fortune 500® health services company sought a non-intrusive way to distribute a prescription app to 7000 physicians. Since all the physicians were contractors, their devices were not enrolled in the company’s EMM solution, and the mobile application management provided by EMM requires device management to distribute apps. Apperian does not require an intrusive and cumbersome device profile, so they were able to get the app into the hands of their contractors quickly and securely regardless of the device (iOS, Android, phone, tablet). Contracted physicians appreciated the seamless experience and how easy it was to find and download the app. Adoption of this prescription app replaced an outdated paper system and improved patient outcomes.


Stand-alone MAM solutions make mobile apps available via an enterprise app store that any contracted worker with permission can access. Not only can you control permissions, you can also segment your contractors into groups so that they only see the apps that are relevant to them.

  • Device enrollment not required
  • Works alongside existing EMM and MDM solutions — no need to rip & replace
  • App security and governance that governments trust
  • Easily manage and update any app
  • No SDKs or code modifications required
  • Automate the headache of app signing
  • Branded, private enterprise app store

When those apps are on your contractors’ mobile devices, you can rest-assured your corporate data is secure. Via app wrapping, MAM applies fine-grained policies at the individual app level. Each app is encapsulated in a virtual “container” that holds a set of security policies. This creates a management domain at the app level that can be extended to any device — even devices owned by your contracted workers.