We’ve got great news: Apple has opened their iOS Developer Enterprise Program (developer.apple.com/programs/ios/enterprise/) to organizations of any size. Previously, only companies with a DUNS number and 500 employees could participate.

The phrase “500 or more employees and” was removed from the Apple sign-up page

This is important news for companies interested in building iPhone, iPad and iPod touch “in house” enterprise apps. Before this change, the program was restricted to companies of 500 or more employees, which left many small and medium sized companies unable to easily create and deploy in-house Apple mobile apps.

For Apperian, this is excellent news as well. We are launching EASE, our Enterprise App Services Environment, and this change will enable organizations of any size to create “private portals” for their in-house apps. In addition, companies can take advantage of the new MDM (mobile device management) system provided by Apple.

We applaud Apple’s move to expand their support of the “enterprise environment”. This move will be rewarded, we believe, with faster adoption of iOS products including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, within the corporate walls.

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  • Anonymous

    It looks like I need to have a DUNS number??? The Apple site says "Developers who wish to create in-house applications for internal deployment should join the iOS Developer Enterprise Program (Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S number is required for enrollment)." How do I get this?

  • Cimarron Buser

    You can get a free DUNS Number.

    Visit http://smallbusiness.dnb.com/establish-your-business/12334338-1.html

    This is free if you're willing to wait 30 days (this is a maximum – sometimes it comes quicker). You would need to pay to expedite, not sure of the fees for this.

  • Anonymous

    I just visited enterprise program site today and the text "You must be a company or organization with a DUNS number to apply." is still there which requiring us to have a DUNS number.

  • MobileGuard

    iOS devices still don’t allow monitoring of SMS and MMS. This much change for regulatory compliance. http://www.mobileguard.com