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Killer Enterprise Mobile Applications

Apperian Founder / Chief Strategy Officer Chuck Goldman talks about killer enterprise mobile applications — what to build, where to start building, what to license, how to get your apps out quickly and what’s compelling enough to make those apps stand out. Chuck also mentions two enterprise apps that Apperian has been working very closely […]

Enterprise Mobile Apps are as boring as you make them

Apperian Senior Developer, Jeremy Debate, justifies that business apps are not boring as many may think, and advises fellow developers to make their app stand out amongst the thousands of other mobile apps already available. Businesses come up with new and interesting problems daily, and they seek to find interesting solutions. For those of you […]

The ROI of Mobile Apps Webinar Q&A

During the latest webinar, The ROI of Mobile Apps, our attendees asked some great questions. Here are a couple that Cimarron Buser, VP of Business Development, answered. “Are there any set of apps in the enterprise that have the highest ROI’s today? What is the low hanging fruit?”

Emergence of HTML5 in Mobile Applications

Apperian SVP Product, Alan Murray talks about the emergence of HTML5 in mobile applications and how it is one of the most exiting things he has seen emerging in the Mobile industry. He is reflecting HTML5 impact on the Mobile Application industry and why it should take a critical part when developing your mobile strategy.

Estimating ROI of Mobile Sales Apps

This week we will be looking in to the ROI of Mobile Sales Apps. In this video Apperian Sales Executive Chris Julian will be guiding you through an example how you could estimate your Return of Investment of the mobile app that you are planing to develop for your employees. If you have more questions […]

Boston Mobile App Developers Meetup – App Showcase

It was great to have everybody back at Apperian and AppOrchard’s hosted Boston Mobile App Developers meetup last night. 2012 year started with Application Showcases. Here is a quick view of last night presentations.

Kiosk iPad App- Noble Cork App

Apperian Kiosk is a framework for building custom tailored Kiosk iPad Apps for your business. In this video, we demonstrate Noble Cork, the first app to utilize the new Kiosk framework. Our business iPad applications can be customized for any company so contact us today to see how we can custom tailor it for you.

Mentor at the School of Communication Arts 2.0

Any school that claims Advertising is DEAD, and uses words like “Rocket Fuel for your Career”, “We Don’t Care About Your Grades” and that they have 35 students and 500 teachers sounds like a perfect fit for me. In fact, I am not sure whether I want to teach here or be a student, but […]

Defining Hybrid Mobile Apps

Apperian Senior Software Developer Jeremy Debate defines hybrid mobile apps.

Webinar Intro- Mobile Apps in Retail

This week its all about Mobile Applications in Retail. Joe Schwendt introduces this weeks webinar topic. Register us for webinar Mobile Apps in Retail – The New Killer Apps! Download the whitepaper Retail Forever Transformed – a quiet storm ignited by the iPad Feel free to send us questions regarding the Mobile Apps in Retail!