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Enterprise "Bring Your Own Device" – Is it worth the Risk?

The recent article How Workers Can BYOD Without Risking Data, Networks discusses the benefits of Bring Your Own Device in the Enterprise. The IT consumerization wave is hitting enterprises at full force as end users begin to demand more freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with business applications. Frontline end users as well […]

It takes more than a few fireside chats to get everyone on track

This week we went beyond the code to take a human perspective on software engineering. After the introduction, we touched on team building, and methodology. Today we continue on to cover communication and documentation. They go hand in hand, documentation being a form of communication, and are the culmination of the human aspects of software […]

It takes more than a lasso to keep a team organized

In my previous post in this series, I shared some thoughts on team building. It feels like a natural progression to write about how teams organize themselves to work together. When it comes to methodology, I’m always going to talk more about Scrum than anything else. My experience with non-Scrum methodologies consists of a whole […]

It takes more than a few young hotshots to build a great team

A successful CEO once told me: “I like to nab brilliant engineers right out of college, and pay them well so they don’t leave. In the end it is much cheaper.” I both agree and disagree with this approach. On the one hand, he is showing concern over retaining the members of his engineering team. […]

It takes more than writing great code

There are much-talked about, and yet often-neglected facets of software engineering. These are the ones left untold by the legends of rock-star developers cranking out famous pieces of software single-handedly on little or no budget (think Facebook). Successful software products rarely bloom as the result of gathering a few genius coders and letting them loose […]

Newest Members of Apperian Partner Program

We’re thrilled to announce the newest members of the Apperian partner program! Welcome aboard! The Apperian Partner Program allows you to take advantage of all aspects of Apperian’s EASE (Enterprise App Services Environment) program, and is ideal for IOS and Android developers who are building native apps for business. Apperian will provide you with the […]

Protecting Corporate Data in the “BYOD” Environment

Thanks for your interest in the Apperian White Paper “Protecting Corporate Data in the “BYOD” Environment.” Please complete this short form, and the White Paper will be emailed to you immediately. Then, visit for a free trial of EASE (Enterprise App Services Environment) which gives enterprise mobile app developers the ability to create secure […]

Designing Android Apps

Supporting multiple platform As mobile development matures in the market, its becoming ever more important to support various platforms. In our research, we found there are very a little resources with a focus on good design. In this article, we will discuss a high-level view of designing good Android apps.

Human Resources Goes Mobile

Guest blog entry by Kyle Lagunas, HR Analyst, Software Advice “Today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access is changing the way we do business. Thanks to a plethora of mobile apps and software tools, we can manage customer relations, access candidate data, and even review employee referals from virtually anywhere (pun intended). With the growing demand across the […]

Boston Mobile App Developers (iOS and Android)

Session: Boston Mobile App Developers Date:    August 18, 2011 Time:    6:30 – 9:00 PM Place:  Apperian, Inc. 321 Summer Street Boston, MA Join us for an evening of developers showcase. Fellow mobile developers, managers, and entrepreneurs gather once a month in Boston to grab some pizza, free beer, and free WiFi, and chat about […]