Archive | July, 2010

Innovative BECOME AN EX Quit Smoking Program Goes Mobile

*+-Apperian Inc. and The American Legacy Foundation have developed an app for iPhone to help smokers who want to quit to “re-learn” their lives without cigarettes on the go with EX®. To read more about the app, read the Legacy press release. The Become An Ex App is available from the App Store on iPhone […]

iPhone Configuration Utility – New Features in Version 3.0

*+-The new iPhone Configuration Utility IPCU 3.0 was release July 14, 2010, and it’s got some great new features. We’ve added a “Tech Note” highlighting the changes in between Apple iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0 (IPCU 3.0) and the previous version., since this information is a bit hard to track down. (Apple has not yet released […]