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When Agile Is Done Badly

Agile development has become very popular in the high tech world, to the point where most companies think they need to be a part of the movement even if they are not sure why or how.  Like anything that requires a measure of discipline, agile development requires knowledge and training. If you listen to how […]

Securing & Managing Apps on Unmanaged Devices

Accelerate Your Data Analytics User Adoption

Research firm Gartner expects that nearly 40% of all employers will require employees to supply their own mobile devices as soon as 2016. By 2017, that figure is expected to rise 50%. With mobility trends clearly pointing to the dominance of unmanaged devices sooner rather than later, organizations without a enterprise mobility solution specifically intended for […]

Recap: Enterprise Mobility Pro Peer Group – Philadelphia Meetup


We had a lively discussion at this morning’s breakfast meetup with attendees from Vanguard, Blue Cross Blue Shield and National Board of Medical Examiners. Scott Phelps, Head of Global eBusiness at DLL, led the conversation, focusing on how to drive business value with enterprise mobile apps. Here are a few of the insightful topics that […]

Mobile App Distribution: Mobilizing Your Dealer Network

Mobile App Distribution: Mobilizing Your Dealer Network

The sales industry has always embraced new technology. Clunky laptops and drab PowerPoint presentations were once all field reps had at their disposal. Now smartphones and tablets are the new tools of the trade. Coupled with enterprise mobile apps, sales teams can use their personal devices to do their job better. However, you can’t expect […]

Webinar: The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Mobility Open House

In March, Pharma IQ launched the The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Mobility Open House for 250+ industry decision makers to discover the true potential of mobility in Pharma and gain an understanding through case studies of how they can be best integrated into their workflows. The event provided a platform for IT and mobility professionals to […]

Mobile Security Issues:

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Protecting data – whether it’s the cell phone numbers to reach your kids’ teachers or nuclear reactor control codes – is much the same today as it was fifty years ago.  Although the working environment is different, the same fundamental principles apply.  For any secure system, three factors need to be addressed: Data At Rest (DAR) […]

Debunking the Six Myths of App Wrapping

Debunking the Six Myths of App Wrapping

As organizational leaders increasingly recognize the value of deploying and adopting mobile applications, a critical decision they eventually need to make is determining the most effective approach (or mix of approaches) to deploy, secure, and manage mobile apps such as mobile application management (MAM®) and enterprise mobility management (EMM). Among these choices—as Gartner points out […]

How to Avoid Wasting Money on Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise mobile apps can drive heightened employee productivity by enabling workers to get work done wherever and whenever they’re able to. But mobile apps will only generate payback if there’s a clear business case for their deployment and they’re actually used by mobile workers. To help drive mobile app adoption in the enterprise – and, […]

Georgia Southern University Mobile Strategy

Download this case study to learn how Georgia Southern University securely condensed their 67 mobile apps into a single, university-branded private app store. Using mobile app management to securely deliver apps to users based on their roles and devices, GSU is now able to drive students and faculty to a central location for finding and […]

Linux Containers for App Security

LXC app security

A major focus in security is preventing system intrusion resulting from vulnerabilities in the software running on it. However an equally important consideration is mitigation and isolation – if an attacker is successfully able to compromise a single node in a system, how do you prevent the attack from spreading? Isolating a complex system into […]