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Webinar: Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love


Date: August 5, 2014 Time: 12:00PM EDT Whether you already have BYOD, or are planning for your BYOD future, security is likely one of your top concerns. Fortunately, when done right BYOD can increase employee productivity and workforce satisfaction while maintaining the security you need. Unfortunately, many companies often struggle by implementing BYOD policies that […]

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Webinar: Embracing Mobile App Failure to Create Success

Fifty-eight percent of enterprises are merely or less than satisfied with the adoption of their enterprise mobile app programs and 30% of mobile enterprise applications launched within the last 12-18 months have been defined as “failures”, according to IDC. If you’re transforming your business processes through mobile applications you should expect and embrace failure – […]

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Webinar: The Mobile Enterprise Application Survey: How IT Leaders Are Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Mobility

In a recent survey, 100% of IT leaders reported that they plan to distribute mobile applications to help increase employee productivity within the next two years. Watch Dan Woods, Editor and CTO of CITO Research, and Alan Murray, SVP of Products at Apperian, as they breakdown the results of this survey and discuss how enterprises […]

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Webinar: Three Weeks to a Mobile Workforce

Leading organizations recognize the importance of mobile innovation to get ahead of the competition. But building an enterprise mobility strategy has challenges—BYOD, enabling contracted workers and security to name a few. Add to that the need to mobilize a workforce—fast. How can this be accomplished? Leaders from Santam, the leading short-term insurance company will discuss […]

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Webinar: McAfee and Apperian present: Secure What Matters Most in a BYOD World

Leading enterprises understand the value of mobility, but are struggling to create secure mobile environments while delivering on the promise of higher productivity that mobile can provide. Add BYOD, contracted workers, and scalability requirements to the mix and your mobility strategy can become highly complex. Watch this webinar recap with Alan Murray, SVP of Products […]

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Webinar: Maximizing Enterprise Mobility Value: Look to the Mobile App Lifecycle

According to Ovum, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is moving beyond device management. This shift is largely driven by the consumerization of IT, BYOD and the proliferation of enterprise apps, as businesses try to manage and secure mobile data. In this eSeminar with Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst at Ovum, you will learn: •The current state of […]

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Webinar: Managing Federal Mobile Application Security


Mobile security for federal agencies is complex and can create headaches for IT – from lost phones and sensitive data, to malware-infected apps and data encryption. When you throw BYOD and inter-agency collaborations into the mix, the challenges multiply quickly. Watch this recap of Harvey Morrison, VP of the Federal Practice at Apperian, as he […]

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Webinar: Streamline Your Mobile App Strategy

appbus diagram

Go from Back-of-the-Napkin to distributing a new mobile app in two weeks? Seriously? Learn how to break down the discreet steps of conceptualizing, building and launching an enterprise mobile app within weeks, not months. The secret is harnessing and optimizing the mobile app lifecycle to turn your sketch into reality. Hear Eric Carlson, Partner at […]

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Webinar: Three Secrets to Going Mobile Today

In today’s fast-paced environment, getting the right information and content in the hands of your mobile workforce – wherever they are – can make the difference in out-smarting and out-performing your competition. You likely have tons of great content, but how available and usable is it for mobile workers? Re-purposing and distributing your existing content […]

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Webinar: Creating a Mobile Governance Platform That Scales

Many federal agencies struggle to create a secure mobile environment while delivering the promise of highest productivity that mobility can provide. Add to the mix inter-agency collaboration and scalability requirements, and your mobility project quickly becomes highly complex. Listen as Alan Murray, SVP of Products at Apperian outlines how federal organizations can unlock the full […]

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