executive report thumbnailThe Executive Mobility Survey revealed the factors that are driving enterprise mobility programs, the benefits organizations are expecting, what metrics are available, and the strategies companies are using to drive mobile adoption. In this e-Book outlining the survey results, you will learn how you stack to your peers and recommendations on how to use mobility to drive value from your mobile program.

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Apperian, Inc.
We're an enterprise mobility management company. Everywhere you turn, you hear about the promise of enterprise mobility. The reality is that most organizations are still struggling to get beyond the basics because legacy mobile solutions create more challenges than they solve. What Apperian does is simple. We make it easy for you to secure and deploy enterprise mobile apps to any device. No coding, no SDKs, no hardware profiles required and certainly no added complexity. Our app-centric approach is the most flexible, scalable and fastest way to go from app inception to app innovation.